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Pool Services


Locally owned and operated Wilson Central Texas Pools is the Premier Pool & Spa Maintenance Company in Austin and the surrounding areas

Wilson Central Texas Pools has a team of skilled technicians ready to offer you quality cleaning, repair, and maintenance services for your pool, hot tub, or spa. If your hot tub or pool is malfunctioning or if you're just looking for regular maintenance you can trust us to provide professional work and unparalleled customer service.

Our Ultimate

Pool Service

On your first visit, we will access the size of the pool or spa, size and type of equipment, check the water balance, pre-treat the pool and quote a monthly rate. Following the initial visit, we will come out once a week to clean the pool of loose debris by vacuuming the pool, brush the walls, balance the water, if needed shock the pool, fill your chlorinator with tabs, chlorinate the skimmers or other needed treatment . You will be charged a monthly price depending on the size of pool and/or spa and size and type of the equipment. ALL CHEMICALS ARE INCLUDED. To schedule a time that is good for you call Wilson Central Texas Pools at 512.864.3337.

Note: Filter cleanings and replacements are not included in our package price, nor do we include any minor equipment repairs or unscheduled visits.

Wilson Central Texas Pools is a licensed Residential Appliance Installation Contractor. TICL 825.

Special Offer

Mention our website and receive $35 off your 1st month's service.

  • Maintenance & Water Treatment

    The keys to general pool maintenance and water treatment are clean water and a balance of water chemistry. We can establish a weekly routine to clean your pool and maintain the proper water balance.

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Repair and Refurbishment

    We offer the best in professional and prompt minor repairs. We clean cartridge and DE filters, we replace filters, we repair above ground PVC pipe and fitting leaks and more. You can count on us to arrive on your scheduled day and won't have to waste time wondering. If you prefer we can give you a call as soon as we are on our way.

  • Fun Facts

    Swimming can burn 300-800 calories an hour depending on your body weight and the intensity of the swim.